REFAM - Remote Experiment Farm Manager

.: Welcome to the REFAM Project :.

This web site serves as an interface between your computer and laboratory experiments. Students use this site to conduct experiments for the gathering of real-world data and for analysis in homework assignments.

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.: Instructions :.
  • Please log in using your Blackboard user id. If it is the first time using this website, your password is the same as your user id.
  • Install the LabVIEW Run-Time Drivers from
  • Go to Schedule and select the day you would like to perform your experiment. Choose the time of day and click on Add.
  • Choose the available experiment and Submit. If there are no available experiments for the chosen date and time, look at the Experiments web page to find the opening schedule.
  • When it is time to perform the online laboratory experiment, click on Manage and follow the instructions.

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